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Learn about top gender equity issues of importance to Kentucky, as well as policies on preventing domestic violence in the workplace, supporting the child care infrastructure, and building capacity of women in leadership.
Keynote presentation on the latest in volunteer management best practices and engagement that includes key lessons learned from volunteer management during past disaster responses, as well as strategies for developing a community-based approach.
Bryan Hubbard, Chair and Executive Director of the Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission and Special Counsel to the Attorney General, joins us to share the latest information on KY's opioid settlement funds.
We provide an overview of the results of KNN's survey on the challenges facing nonprofits who partner with government through grants, contracts, or other agreements, and discuss the action steps needed by nonprofits to help legislators understand the impact the challenges are having on nonprofits' ability to effectively serve Kentuckians.
Officials from the Kentucky Department of Revenue join us for a free Q&A to discuss the new law and answer questions about compliance with new sales and use tax regulations.
WellCare shares about their partnerships with community-based organizations to address social barriers that impact individual and community health across the state. Then we review KNN's sector-wide legislative priorities for the 2023 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.
We review KNN's sector-wide legislative priorities for the 2023 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, including efforts to reform nonprofit grants and contracts with government, charitable giving tax incentives, protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship, and more.
Whether it's using data to evaluate specific equity initiatives, dusting off an equity statement written two years ago, or taking a first step toward establishing actionable goals, SteVon Edwards, Owner and Principal Consultant of SChenault Solutions, LLC helps us look at equity goals and measurement examples across our nonprofit business functions.
Hear from a panel of KNN members to learn about their 2023 Kentucky General Assembly legislative priorities of interest to nonprofits and the Kentuckians you serve.
By sharing your organization's key demographic data and earning the Candid Gold Seal of Transparency, you not only provide donors with the information they need to make decisions about funding your cause, but also help KNN understand the demographic makeup of nonprofits in Kentucky, so we can continue working together to create a more equitable sector.
8-session self-paced online program - Your Step-by-Step Roadmap and Build-It-Yourself Toolkit for Crafting an A+ Grant Proposal
Matt Golden, Director of the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Louisville, joins us to share what you and your organization can do to support your Jewish employees, clients, and communities in a time of rising Antisemitism.
In this phase of the pandemic, with economic uncertainty, and major workforce challenges, what role should strategic planning play in your organization’s work? What are some of the alternatives to strategic planning?
Joe Frazier, Executive Director of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s Center for DE&I, joins us to share news on the Kentucky Minority Owned Business Database.
In this discussion, we explore the partnership between DEI and HR and the need to ensure that the voices and concerns of employees are heard and valued when creating initiatives.
On the September 1, 2022 call, speakers joined us to share up-to-date information on KY elections, voter registration, and how your nonprofit can do its part to encourage participation in our democracy.
Learn practical strategies that move organizations toward racial equity in the workplace, from the perspective of a Black woman who is a nonprofit leader – Tiffany Turner-Allen, Executive Director of Nonprofit Prince George’s County in Maryland, and founder of Blacktivisim: The Collective: The Center for Peace and Prosperity in Black Communities.
Sharon Fusco, CEO of Redwood in Northern Kentucky, and Pam Green, CEO of Easterseals, join us to share what led the organizations to consider merger, the steps they took, victories and hiccups along the way, and answer your questions.
Chris Hartman, Executive Director of the Fairness Campaign, joins us to discuss LGBTQ issues, rights, and disparities in Kentucky and across the country. We also learn what an organization can do to support the LGBTQ community, including staff and clients.
Kentucky Voices for Health joins us to talk about changes to KY’s public assistance programs as a result of House Bill 7 in the 2022 session of the KY General Assembly.

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