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Center for Nonprofit Excellence


Mutual & Membership Benefit


CNPE’s mission is to accelerate the success of nonprofits through capacity building, connections, and community support to amplify the good work of the sector.

CNPE is a member organization. While our primary service area is Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana, we welcome members from any part of the country. We were created expressly to help nonprofits achieve their missions more effectively and with excellence – from getting started through strategic planning and resource development. CNPE envisions a just and equitable community that supports and emboldens nonprofits to ensure everyone has the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

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CNPE’s values are simple and clear, and they guide our daily work:

  • Love: We serve, support, challenge, engage, and sacrifice as an expression of care and concern for one another and in the creation of a just, equitable community. Love is the very foundation of all we do.
  • Learning: We nurture a culture of inquiry, curiosity, and study to deepen the reach and impact of knowledge, skills, and innovation.
  • Equity: We lift up the voices of the sector and connect historically marginalized organizations and people to resources that enable them to grow and thrive.
  • Courage: We encourage one another to think differently, to make space for creativity and innovation, and to support the freedom to fail.


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