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Secrets To Sponsorship

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 (11:30 AM - 2:00 PM) (EDT)


Development officers juggle many plates when it comes to generating revenue, so simplifying processes is the default. However, if you’re “setting and forgetting” your corporate sponsorship program—reviving it annually when your event rolls around—and doing what you always have, you’re leaving money on the table.  

This workshop teaches you how to keep things fresh so that corporate sponsorship is an ever-evolving resource of your organization and compelling to your corporate partners.  

Join sponsorship strategist Gail Bower to learn what evolving your sponsorship program means, how to know you’re ready, and what decisions and changes you can make to expand and grow this important resource.  

Whether you’re just getting started or already imagining your next level, you’ll recognize the most important indicators for your performance and how to leap to the next. The more you grow, the more opportunities are possible.  

You’ll learn: 

  • What the four lifecycles of nonprofit/association corporate sponsorship programs are 
  • What starts to change and not work—especially if leaders ignore the situation 
  • How to identify where your organization is 
  • What decisions to make to get to the next level or what activities to accomplish to move forward 
  • How to smoothly move to the next lifecycle and what happens there 

Learn through other organizations with shared case studies and examples, plus 10 tips for growth at all levels. Leave with an action plan to evolve your sponsorship program. 

Who this workshop is for: 

  • Nonprofit and association CEOs and executive directors 
  • Chief Development Officers 
  • Directors of Development 
  • Directors of Marketing 
  • Directors of Corporate Sponsorship/Partnership

Offered by our partners at Montana Nonprofit Association.


KNN Members: $65 individual / $115 whole organization (Login to the MIC and click on "KNN Member Discount Codes & Benefits" to access registration instructions.) if you have issues registering.

Potential Members: $125 individual / $230 whole organization

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024 (11:30 AM - 2:00 PM) (EDT)
Shared Webinar - National Council of Nonprofits
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