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Charitable solicitation registration compliance is very important and most likely required of your nonprofit organization in Kentucky and several states, if not all. While understanding and meeting state charitable solicitation requirements can be challenging and time-consuming, taking a proactive approach to registration will help you ensure compliance and avoid negative consequences. KNN is here to help - our partner, Manley Burke Compliance, LLC offers KNN members FREE consultation.  

Click here to connect with Manley Burke Compliance to learn about which states where your nonprofit might need to register and how they can take the burden off your desk, while you focus on your nonprofit's mission.

Click here to check out our resources from Manley Burke Compliance, including a quick, one-page guide to help you determine if you are required to register and a free webinar recording providing additional details on the registration process.  

Manley Burke Compliance, LLC, an affiliate of the law firm Manley Burke LPA, offers compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes - and we specialize in nonprofit compliance. We offer consulting, expert assessment, and compliance services, all as an affiliate of a law firm.

Maintaining a nonprofit can be difficult even without the burden of administration, accounting, and ever-changing legislation, so finding the right partner to support your needs is key to having the peace of mind that your business is supported by a solid foundation. Manley Burke Compliance offers realistic real-world solutions and communicates regularly to keep you informed of changes in regulations and new laws that will affect you.

Our experience working with a multitude of nonprofits and businesses means we understand that each is unique and requires top quality information to help aid decision making while allowing access to best practices. We provide clients the ability to outsource their compliance needs to experienced personnel, creating a more cost-efficient model and allowing executives the ability to concentrate on what matters most to them.

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