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Let’s Talk Race: Conversations on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Nonprofit Leaders Facing Race and Equity Together (June 25 call)


Call Recording: KNN hosts bi-monthly discussions on the diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion issues facing the sector with our facilitator, Demetria Miles-McDonald of Decide Diversity. These calls, held every other week, are an important opportunity to connect with your colleagues facing similar challenges and opportunities, learn from one another's experiences, share ideas and best practices, and more.

On this week's call, we'll discuss: Understanding Your Organization's Current DEI Climate: You Can't Know Where You're Going, If You Don't Know Where You Are Today. The data-gathering phase of your organization's DEI journey is one of the most important. Data helps us understand where we need to focus our attention, gives us insight into the necessary solutions, and can help us measure progress year over year. Data is the basis of the business case for DEI. Learn what data is important and how to get started.

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