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KNN Virtual Press Conference: Nonprofits Seek Bridge to Sustainability & Recovery, Demonstrate More Than Charity


Call Recording: KNN hosts calls every other week via Zoom to discuss updates related to COVID-19, nonprofit resources, advocacy initiatives, and other relevant topics. 

Our February 3 Virtual Town Hall Meeting features a Press Conference releasing new "More Than Charity" data on the economic importance of Kentucky's nonprofit sector, as well as the solutions needed by Kentucky's General Assembly to build a bridge to sustainability and recovery for Kentucky's nonprofits and the individuals and communities they serve.

Click here for the recording of the Virtual Press Conference.

Below are links and resources mentioned during the call:

Action Steps for YOU to Take NOW

  1.  Call Legislators - 800-372-7181 - MessagePlease support a bridge to sustainability and recovery for (our organization) and nonprofits across Kentucky by establishing a $150 million Nonprofit Sustainability & Recovery Fund with ARPA funds and enhancing charitable giving tax incentives to encourage more and larger gifts to Kentucky charities. 
  2.  Email legislators - Click here for sample messaging to copy/paste.
  3.  Share this message with at least 5 other colleagues and ask them to do the same.
  4.  Forward this message to board members and ask them to do the same.
  5.  Amplify this message on social media. Follow KNN on Facebook and Twitter.

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