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Fundraising - Kentucky Gives Day | KNN |


KNN Members participate in KY Gives Day for free!

  • Your nonprofit and its friends, along with media partners, will help drive Kentuckians from across the state (and often the nation) to the site, where you can tell your organization's unique story with photos and videos.

  • Kentucky Gives Day provides outstanding visibility that only a statewide effort of this magnitude could generate. Thousands of potential donors can find you via the search function on and through direct links to your page on the site. Plus, your nonprofit and its friends can use email and social media to help spread the word. In 11 years, Kentucky Gives Day has raised over $5 million for participating nonprofits.

  • Online fundraising is cost-effective. Raising $1 online typically costs only 8 cents, as opposed to an average of 20 cents for grant proposal writing, 50 cents for special events or up to $1.25 to acquire donors through direct mail.

  • By securing a match for your organization and taking advantage of Kentucky Gives Day, your organization can create a compelling giving opportunity that can engage new donors and inspire existing donors to give more.
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