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2024 Kentucky Nonprofit Compensation Survey


Kentucky Nonprofit Network is once again partnering with Associations TRENDS to help Kentucky nonprofits better understand how to best compensate their employees. Many nonprofits are struggling to recruit, hire, and retain employees. The 2024 Kentucky Nonprofit Compensation Survey will help shed light on current compensation trends within the sector and provide information to help Kentucky nonprofits be employers of choice. Requests for comparable salary and benefits is one of the most requested benefits we receive at KNN.

KNN’s partners at Association TRENDS have over 30 years of experience conducting compensation reports, and have designed this survey specifically for nonprofits. With over 100 job descriptions, a quick and easy interface, and a robust support team behind it, taking the survey is easy, and the resulting report will be a tremendous help to your nonprofit and to nonprofits across Kentucky. And good news: If you participated in the survey in 2022, the system will remember your responses from then, which will make filling out this year's survey much faster and easier! 

Your participation is very important - the more responses, the better the report!


Participation is open to any nonprofit. Free and discounted report purchase options are available. 

  • KNN members who complete the survey receive a FREE KY-specific final report. 
  • Discounted KY-specific reports are available for KNN members who do not complete the survey and potential KNN members competing the survey. (Full report price is $175; discounted price is $95)
  • *Note that a minimum of 100 survey responses is required to generate a KY-specific report, so it’s important that we hear from YOUR NONPROFIT! All survey respondents can access the national report at a 50% discount.

If your organization is not yet a KNN member, join today and participate in the survey to receive a free copy of the Kentucky report.


Please complete your survey by February 29, 2024!  The report (available with 100+ responses) will be available in April 2024.


  • Why is this survey important? Nonprofits needs this data for budget planning with staff and board. Nonprofits are asked about compensation policies on their annual tax Form 990.IRS Form 990, Section B
    Nonprofits need to complete the survey in order to provide the most accurate, comprehensive data on competitive salaries and benefits. The nonprofit workforce has value! It has a powerful impact on Kentucky’s economy.
  • How do I complete the survey? Click here to learn more. Click here to register to complete the survey. If you have an account with Association TRENDS, submit your email and your information will auto populate. If you do not, you will be prompted to create a login. Upon login or registration, you will automatically be taken to the survey start page. Feel free to complete your survey right away or save and come back later!
  • What information is needed to complete the survey?
    • Complete salary census for your organization
    • Bonus amounts awarded to employees in the last year
    • Annual budget for the 2024 fiscal year, and the projected salary increase percent for the upcoming year
    • "Disqualified person", "Key employee", and/or "Officer/Director" classifications for top level employees
    • Details of your organization's compensation practices, including:
      • Salary increase criteria
      • Compensation philosophy
      • Annual/long-term incentives
      • Supplemental executive compensation
      • Board member compensation
    • Details of your organization's benefits policies, including:
      • Employee leave
      • Health care
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Life insurance
      • Retirement plan
      • Executive benefits
  • What if I can’t find a good match for an employee in the job title list? Select the job title that most closely matches the job description of your employee (here’s a list of all the job descriptions in the survey). However, if nothing comes close, please do not report that employee. If an employee matches multiple job titles, please select the job title that is the highest ranked or most senior position. Please do not report an individual employee for multiple job titles. 
  • Is the survey interface secure? Absolutely. The user interface is encrypted, and password protected.
  • How long will the survey take to complete? For most organizations, it will take about 30 minutes to complete the survey. 
  • Is there a cost? It is free to take the survey, and as a member of KNN, you will receive a free copy of the final KY-specific report. See above for more information on report pricing for potential KNN members or nonprofits not completing the survey, as well as pricing for the national report.
  • Can I save my progress in the survey and return later? Yes. You can click "save" or "save and come back later."
  • Anything else I should know? You will receive an email confirmation that you've completed the survey. Keep this email! It will also contain the discount code you can use to purchase the report when it's released in April.
  • Who should I contact with questions? If you have any questions or concerns about your survey, email Association TRENDS customer service at or call 888-265-0600

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