Louisville Nonprofit Coalition


Thank you for your interest in the Louisville Nonprofit Coalition!

Monthly LouNC dues are currently set at $200/month. With additional members, the LouNC's impact grows and monthly dues decrease when we reach certain levels!

KNN membership is required to apply for LouNC membership. If you are not yet a KNN member, please click here to join.

After we receive your application, the KNN team will confirm your KNN membership status and follow up within 1-2 business days.

Note: KNN and the Coalition are committed to building a diverse Coalition of Louisville nonprofits. If the dues are a barrier, please email KNN before completing this application: danielle@kynonprofits.org.

About LouNC Membership Dues: 

To apply for LouNC membership, please enter your financial information for monthly dues withdrawal. While both credit card and ACH payments are permitted, we prefer ACH check payment if possible. 

In order to store your payment for future months, please follow these steps on the next screen: Under Payment Amount, click "Manage Profiles." Then click "Add a New Payment Method" and add your information. Then click "Done." Make sure the "Use Stored Payment Profile" option is selected before clicking the "Pay now" button to submit your application. 

Completing this application and entering payment information confirms that you understand that KNN membership is also required for Louisville Nonprofit Coalition membership, and that you authorize KNN to withdraw monthly dues payment today and on the first day of each month moving forward. Additional LouNC guidelines are shared under "Terms & Conditions." 

Should the dues amount change (i.e. decrease as new members join the LouNC!), KNN will notify you in advance. You can cancel your LouNC membership and future monthly dues payments at any time with at least 5 business days notice before the next month's payment date - simply emailus@kynonprofits.org.

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